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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Dave has been the driving force behind Swansea Jazz for close on 27 years. Dave has always played an active part in the Swansea Jazz Scene as a musician at the Swansea Jazz Society sessions at the Liberal Club/St James Club since 1975 and subsequently arranging the weekly events for Swansea Jazzland/Swansea Jazz since 1997 and starting the Swansea International Jazz Festival in 2014. 

Accomplished in handling all areas off Concert and Festival management, arranging the programme of events, dealing with Artists/Accommodation and Logistics/ Marketing and Ticket Sales.
Dave has consistently put together exceptional programmes of events, whilst managing to bring in sufficient ticket outcomes to balance the budgets.

Since COVID, Swansea International Jazz Festival is managed by City and County of Swansea, Dave is Artistic director arranging the full programme of events. Looking forward to the Festivals 10th Anniversary in 2024 & Swansea Jazz CLub 75th Anniversary too!
A Big year lies ahead!
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